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 Services Aim

Customer Service Department is a skilled, dedicated and responsible, honest and trustworthy team, committed to providing customers with comprehensive after-sales service and technical support! All the staff in Customer Service Department has been trained rigorously, to meet the service requirements of different users.

 Service Concept

Unlimited pursuit of quality, due to the love and respect for life

 Service Commitment

 All the products sold by Hangzhou Tailin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. are provided with after-sales service of high quality by Customer Service Department. We will help to solve various problems for users with the cooperation of Technology Centers, Laboratories, Customer Service and Marketing Department.

 Warranty issues

1、Warranty Period:Tailin offers one year warranty for free, the warranty start date should be subject to the purchasing date on the invoice.
    2、Special Instructions:The following situations are not covered in the range of warranty and replacement.
    ◎Non-product material or improper manufacturing;
    ◎Non-normal of product;
    ◎Stored under abnormal conditions or exposed in a humid environment, exposed to corrosive gas medium;
    ◎Unauthorized repair, misuse, neglect, abuse, accident or alteration;
    ◎Incorrect installation;
    ◎Damage caused by force majeure, such as floods, thunderstrike, etc.
    ◎Other failure apparently due to improper use caused by users, such as liquid infiltration, external compression, fallen damage, mildew, corrosion, etc.;
    ◎Natural product consumption, wear and aging;
    ◎Use the accessories not manufactured and sold by Tailin
    ◎Damage caused by improper transportation;
    ◎Returned products with incomplete packaging, accessories and incomplete accompanying data;
    ◎The invoice of returned product is missing, altered or damaged;
    ◎Beyond the warranty period;
    ◎Consumables left factory more than three months ago;
    ◎Wearing consumables:printing paper, exhaust tube.
    ◎Haven’t contact with the Customer Service Department before maintenance or replacement;
    ◎Products are not produced by Tailin.
    Note: For users outside the warranty period, paid service is provided. Service is charged according to the actual situation. Warranty can not extended, after enjoying the repair or replacement service, but users can get a "repair obligation guarantee" instead.
    3、Warranty Certificate:Invoice
    4、Service:Tailin provides customers with lifetime service. We can provide you with the "telephone technical support service", "sending repair service", "sending service" and "door to door service"; you can choose an appropriate way to have service.
    No matter what kind of problem you are experiencing, you can call the Tailin customer service line 0571-86589098.
    ◎Tailin offers "telephone technical support services '' to all customers (Telephone services also include fax, E-mail and other forms).
    ◎You can also sent malfunction equipment or components directly to Tailin Customer Service Department for repair. The details of sending repair service are explained by Tailin Customer Service Department.
    ◎Tailin can send you spare parts to meet your urgent needs - Sending Service.
    "Sending service" means when equipment broke down, Tailin can first sent the replacement component, and then recover the failure components. Equipment can enjoy the one-year warranty service for free. Please call the Tailin customer service line for repair when needed.Note: Failure component should be sent within seven days after receipt, if you want to keep it, you can purchase it from Tailin.
    ◎For door-to -door service, please call the customer service line for repair, the engineer will make a service order for you after understanding the situation. For temporary or emergency door-to -door service, you may apply to the Tailin Customer Service Department, which needs expedited fee.Note:
    A、Tai Lin Company is unable to provide free door-to-door service towards physical damage;
    B、For simple fault already involved in troubleshooting methods in product manual , Tailin can not provide free door-to-door service;
    C、For very remote areas (mountains, islands, forests, etc.) , assistance of providing transportation will be appreciated and the service may be extended;
    D、Even if the user purchased door-to-door service, urgent or overtime service still need additional fee by metering method;
    E、To protect intellectual property rights, Tailin will not provide service if we find that the host is opened without permission;
    F、In order to let other customers enjoy prompt service, please minimize the time of waiting to enter the scene or staying time after the repair.Special Remarks:
    A、"Physical damage" does not apply to the free service:
    The following cases are "physical damage", Tailin can not provide free warranty for the physical damage, even in the paid warranty period.
    1)Fault caused by bad grounding;
    2)Damage caused by force majeure, such as floods, thunderstrike and others;
    3)Apparently due to improper use or maintenance failures, such as liquid infiltration, external compression, fallen damage, mildew, corrosion, etc.
    4)Natural consumption, wear and aging of products;
    5)The product has been modified, such as drilling, painting, etc.;
    6)The whole product or part of component is missing.
    B、The replacement of spare component in the service does not affect the original warranty period of the equipment;
    5、Disclaimer: In addition to the responsibilities and obligations of Chinese laws, Tailin is not responsible for the following cases.
    1)Any joint liability due to product failure, including lost production, property damage, personal injury, etc.;
    2)Service delay due to natural disasters, wars and government emergency ordering;
    3)Cargo delay due to inclement weather or carrier;
    4)Because we can not control the any misunderstanding verbal communication, Tailin can not be responsible for the consequences that may arise in telephone technical support service.
    6、Rehabilitation obligations: Tailin provides a certain period of "Rehabilitation Obligations Guarantee" for all service, so that customers can enjoy perfect products’service.
    Within a month after “sending repair service”or “sending service”, the same problem which does not belong to physical damage occurs, Tailin Customer Service Department will provide send the same form of service for free.