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The new Ping Pong Room and Badminton Court are put into service From: Time:2014-03-31 Click:3982
    In order to enrich the staffs’ leisure life, the 14th floor of TaiLin Building was constructed to the new Ping Pong Room. It is equipped with the brand new DHS ping pong tables. Whatever, the floor covering installation of 13th floor will be finished by the end of this month too, it will be the new badminton court.
    The new sports venues and apparatuses are widely welcomed by the staffs. So far, TaiLin has built five areas for the employees’ activities. In futre, TaiLin will improve and perfect the equipments and apparatuses in the sports venues, so that more and more people can join in the exercises which can build up our physique and improve our spituality.